Oh the thought of having a bathroom all to yourself and a yard where the kids can play. Relocating brings many advantages for the family. It could be a nicer neighborhood, green lawns, better schools or more space for everyone. However, house removals can be a stressful experience. It gets even worse when you add kids to the equation.

Moving is not only stressful for the adults, it can also be an unsettling and confusing time for your children. Their current home presented them with a sense of stability and permanence. Moving to a new home will take this away. It is not surprising that many children are resistant to moving. With many taking a long time to settle into their new homes.

Helping with the move

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful even when there are kids involved. The following tips ought to help make the transition easier.

1. Talk to your kids about the move

While your child may not fully comprehend the reason for the move and what it will mean, they do know that something is changing. Talk to them about the move and try to explain it to them in a way that they can understand. Be honest and open to their questions. Emphasize the positive aspects of the move and try to make it fun. Tell them about all the exciting new things that await them in the new house.


2. Take them on a visit prior to moving

Take your kids to the new house and let them explore it before moving. Take them around the neighborhood to see the parks and other fun places. This will help to familiarize them with the new environment. They will experience less anxiety when they know exactly what to expect.

3. Get them involved

Let the kids help with packing. This makes the process seem less scary. They will focus on the task at hand and will actually look forward to unpacking their belongings in their new home.

Mother and daughter with moving boxes

4. Be smart with storage

Moving is a great opportunity to declutter. Purge items that are no longer useful. Get your child involved in the process. Keep items that you don’t want to get rid of but don’t use in storage. Give items to good will and throw out any unusable items.

5. Don’t forget the old house

Bring a lot of memories from the old house along with you. This will help to make the transition to the new home easier. These could be photos, videos, a plant or anything else that your child can associate with the old house.


6. Pack their room last

Packing your child’s room gives a sense of finality to the period spent in the old house. Pack up their room last. This help to avoid confusion and the feeling of being misplaced.

7. Arrange for child care when moving

The moving day makes everything real. The experience can be confusing and even traumatic. Avoid turning your child’s life upside down right in front of their eyes by arranging for a child care. This will also keep them out of harm’s way.

8. Set up their room first

This will help your child settle down much faster in their new home. The transition is easier when they are surrounded by familiar items such as their toys, familiar blankets, favorite books and other belongings.


9. Maintain your routine

A new home is a major change for a child. However, you can restore their feelings of security by sticking to your routine. Stick to your family activities and schedule as much as possible.4


10. Avoid making any major changes

This isn’t the time to introduce anything new such as moving them from their crib to a toddler bed. Keep things familiar during this transitional period. Wait for a month or two to make any major changes.

11. Be enthusiastic about the move

Moving can be exhausting emotionally and physically. However, showing negative feelings around your child before, during and after the move can make them develop a negative attitude to their new environment. You can help them accept the move by showing enthusiasm and being excited about the move.

While these tips above do not promise a painless move, they can help to make it easier for both you and your children.

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