truck packing

If you’re thinking of doing a self-move then amongst a multitude of issues to be tackled, one of them is to make sure that your transport is loaded correctly. After all, nobody wants a truckload of damaged goods when you get to the other end right? With this in mind, a little careful planning will ensure you not only have a safe driving load but one that’s also optimised for the best available space.

It all starts with the packing

When packing your belongings you should do so with transport in mind. This means that items are stable and when in boxes, packed flat so that they can be easily stacked. Fragile boxes and items should be marked up as such so that you don’t make the mistake of piling heavy items on top. When it comes to furniture, make sure you remove all content from drawers and cupboards and seal them up so that they can’t come open during transportation.

                                                                  Load distribution

For larger trucks, load distribution is key. As a rough guide, 60% of the weight should be towards the front of the truck and 40% towards the rear end. However for smaller vans and trucks, the load distribution might be more complex, so if you’re hiring a van it might be worth asking the hiring company for best loading practices.

When loading, common sense should prevail and you should consider putting on last the items that you’ll need off first at the final destination. Things like tool boxes, and that all important kettle are such items that you’re more than likely to need early on. For fragile items such as pictures, furniture, and glassware you might want to think about placing foam around them for extra protection.

load distribution             Securing the load

Finally, make sure that the load is as safe as it’s going to be before you set off and if necessary use ropes to secure loads properly. Remember to give the ropes a good solid tug to make doubly sure. If at any point along the way you feel the load shifting, then stop in a safe place and re-secure the load. Remember badly loaded or overloaded vehicles are dangerous to the driver of that vehicle and also for other road users, so it’s important from a safety perspective to get it right.

As you can see, loading a truck for moving is mainly common sense, however, if you really don’t want to have to deal with this aspect of your move then it might pay you to call in the professionals. South West Removals & Storage we pride ourselves on providing stress-free, low-cost local removals for all our customers. Why not give us a call on 9725 4766 and let us show you just what we can do for you