This is a question that doesn’t have a definite answer.  But with proper research and consultations, it can be estimated. A house removal can depend on many factors. But the most appropriate way to find out how long a move will take is liaising with your house removalists to determine the exact time it takes to move a home. In this blog post the removalist team at SW Removals & Storage have put together a few factors that affect the time it takes to move a home, to help you understand more on how long it may take to move your home.

1. The location of your new home

The distance between your old and new home is the first determining factor. No matter how fast your house removalists are, this will determine whether they take a day or months to move your home. If the distance is within the state it may take up to a couple of days, this also holds true for interstate removals. But in cases where you want to move from one country to another, it may take anywhere from weeks to months because of the processes involved.


2. The furniture and other valuables

Packing and arranging furniture takes longer than anything else in the house. Furniture removalists have to ensure that all your furniture is well handled, and valuables are kept in safe boxes. The time taken to assemble these depends on the amount of furniture that you have. With over 30 years experience in the industry the team of removalists at SW Removals & Storage are quick and efficient at packing and arranging your furniture, reducing the amount of time it takes to move your home.

3. Distance taken to pack your items in the truck

If your home is located in a narrow passage, the removalist truck will have to be packed from a distance. This may take some time to move the furniture from your home to the truck. The more open and easily accessible your house is, the less time this will take

4. Packing

This is another factor that you have to put into consideration. If you are packing your things by yourself, your packing process may take up more time. The more people you have the less time it will take, particularly if you hire professional removalists. If you have relatives and friends, ask if they can come and help. But in scenarios where you don’t have them around, consider getting a helping hand from removalists. They will help in assembling and dissembling furniture which would have been particularly difficult if you were doing it on your own.


5. Packing materials

If you choose to use high quality boxes that are the correct size and are sturdy, the process becomes easier because they are well designed to take care of your things. If you use old, second hand boxes or low-quality boxes, the process becomes difficult because you have to take extra caution when handling your stuff. As these lower quality boxes tear and may destroy some of your valuables.

6. Size of the doors

It may but something that slips the mind of many but the size of your door is also a determining factor. If the place you are moving from or in has tiny doors, it will be harder to transfer large objects into and out of your house. Smaller doors will require more time due to the higher level of maneuvering and degree of carefulness needed.


Moving homes can be very frustrating if not done in a proper manner. Planning for a move is key. Once you are sure that you want to move, plan ahead and have people who will offer the help needed, whether this help come from friends, family or house removalists. With the extra help you reduce the amount of time (and stress) involved in a house removal.

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