Interstate Removalists: Moving Interstate to Hobart

Hobart, capital of Tasmania, the apple Isle. Much loved over the years for the pristine wilderness of the Tasmanian forest, Tasmania has become somewhat of a haven for people trying to escape the exorbitant housing and living prices of Melbourne & Sydney. Hobart can offer city living, with the added bonus of affordability.

Hobart offers its residents the culturally rich and highly artistic values associated with a city of such deep and rich history. Breathtaking views of the scenic surrounds include the surrounding mountain terrain, right down to the waterline where fishing boats and yachts line the bay.

Real estate in Hobart offers a large and varied range of suburbs, from beachside living to the surrounding views and grandeur of the hills. Public transport offers great opportunities for the tourist or resident to travel the city and its environs without the problems and costs of supplying your own transport.

Property values are considerably lower than Melbourne & Sydney. This offers the opportunity for people moving to Hobart (or Tasmania more widely), to downsize in dollar terms whilst still maintaining high quality living in world class house and apartment living.

interstate removalists hobartChoosing Your Interstate Removalists

As with any removal, choosing the right interstate removalists to handle and look after your valuable items is absolutely critical.

Here are six points which you should be comfortable with before you make this decision.

  1. Experience. Are they experienced at interstate removal?
  2. Experience. Are they experienced with Sydney removal?
  3. Insurance. Are they fully insured?
  4. Can they fit to your timeline?
  5. Are you comfortable with the how they deal with you?
  6. NEVER make this important decision based on price alone.


As your furniture and goods will be traveling extended distances to arrive in Hobart, good packing becomes even more important. You may choose to pack yourself (which will obviously be cheaper) but you will need to ensure that you use removal cartons only and that all breakable items are wrapped in paper to protect them.

Interstate removalists rely heavily on the ability of the packers and need to be comfortable to stack cartons up to five high or use them as building blocks in the load. A brief rule of thumb is that the average house will have one “fragile” carton only.

Otherwise, the professional team at South West Removals can pack for you.

Do I need to take this furniture?

Interstate removal to Hobart can be expensive, therefore it can present the ideal time to take a serious look at what you are planning to take. Culling old or unwanted furniture can not only save you money on your removal but can also generate additional cash to spend during your relocation.

packing interstatePet transport

The professional team at South West Removals & Storage can assist you with relocating your precious pets from WA to Hobart. Simply call for a quote.

Vehicle transport

Driving across Australia can be a long, dull and boring task. Apart from kangaroos and camels trying to get into your car via the radiator, there are also the problems with fatigue and accommodation along the way. South West Removals & Storage can arrange your vehicle transport with professional car carriers who can either do a door to door service, or collect your car from a pre-arranged address and deliver to wherever you desire.

Quarantine laws

Australia has some of the strictest quarantine laws in the world, and these apply when moving interstate to Hobart. We recommend leaving behind things like plants, animal products and agricultural equipment which may contain contaminants and soil. For more information on the rules and regulations of each state, check out the Australian Government’s interstate quarantine website.

Contact South West Removals & Storage to discuss your move to Hobart.