9 Important Factors To Consider When Planning Your Next Move

Many clients make the comment that “gee you guys have a job which is not very enjoyable”.

When you consider that, all we do is let a little bit of sweat out plus avoid paying gym fees, I personally believe that represents good value.

Now consider your position.

Getting another property, sorting out all of the official and legal requirements, will the furniture fit, will the kids like their new home, will the neighbourhood be a good one, will my friends come & see me ……….. and the list goes on & on.

Maybe a little bit of sweat is not a bad option?

Please read on and hopefully, we can help you avoid a few of the pitfalls and headaches.

  1. Why are you moving? This will always dictate where you are going and probably have a big influence on the size & style of house you are moving to.
  2. When are you moving? Is the date fixed, or do you have room to move your removal date forward or backwards?
  3. How are you moving? Will you do it yourself or through home removalists? There is an obvious money saving when you do anything yourself, but can you do it and can you do it effectively and efficiently?

Once these questions have been answered, we are free to move onto more of the fundamental tasks involved.

  1. Sourcing a property and will your current furniture fit into this property? Many are the times that, as removalists, we are faced with the situation where the “new” address simply is too small to fit everything, or maybe too small to fit that particular item.
  2. Will you need assistance with child/pet care on the day?
  3. If one or both of you work, how will you get along with rosters leading up to, as well as after your move?
  4. Have you taken care of all of the “change of address” requirements? For your assistance, South West Removals & Storage have a comprehensive list that covers all the required tips for moving.
  5. Packing of your household & personal effects into cartons? Will you do this or get it done professionally? It is highly recommended that you always utilise removal cartons when packing. These will not only protect your goods but will also be faster to load & unload (important when you are paying by the hour) as well as being extremely useful as building blocks within your load of furniture.  packing
  6. Will your move be done on one day, or if there is considerable distance involved therefore causing your removal to go over two or more days? This, therefore, brings into play the need for accommodation.

This checklist is by no means comprehensive, every move has its own set of problems and scenarios.

Add to this any problems associated with completing a house purchase or securing a rental property and suddenly a little sweat on the removalist’s brow doesn’t seem like the end of the world.

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