Packing is one of the longest tasks you’ll have to undertake for your move. However, with our top packing tips below, we’ll make sure your move is as smooth as can be from when you start packing to when you finish unpacking you last box.

  1. Get your packing supplies ready. This will include boxes in different sizes, packing tape, labels, bubble wrap, scissors, newspaper or butchers paper, and marker pens. Your removalist company (such as South West Removals) can help you pack, or you can do this yourself.
  1. Don’t leave packing to the last minute. Make sure to start your process early as many people underestimate how long it will take to pack their things. It can take anything from a few days, to weeks to pack up some homes or offices. It will also save you the stress and exhaustion of last minute scrambling to get things ready.
  1. Pack the rooms which you visit the least, first. Once you get these out of the way, you can start on the rooms you use most often, leaving the kitchen and your bathroom to last.
  1. Don’t forget to leave out some essentials such as a change of clothes, breakfast foods, medication, a few toiletries, toilet paper, and pet food.
  1. One by one, pack up each room as you go so you can stay organised and have everything together at the other end.
  1. Now is the perfect opportunity to throw things out and get rid of unwanted items, to sell old things, or to give them to charity.
  1. Don’t over-pack your boxes with heavy items. Not only is this dangerous to lift, but can also damage your items if they sit on top of each other or other boxes.
  1. Use the packing supplies! Make sure to fill empty gaps with newspaper to prevent items from shifting around and becoming damaged. You should also label boxes with the room they will be going to, and add what’s inside them such as ‘glass’, or ‘bedding’. This makes it easier for you to unpack, as well as easier for the removalists.
  1. When it comes to packing the boxes, start with heavier items at the bottom of the box, then lighter items. This gives the box some stability, and protects more delicate items on top. When stacking boxes, likewise stack heavier ones at the bottom.

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