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As Piano Removalists, we understand that piano’s come in many different shapes and sizes. From the grand old pianola to the piano with a heavy iron frame to a baby grand piano and then to a grand piano. Each and every one presents it’s very own set of circumstances when logistically we have to face up to moving it from location to location.

Before attempting to move a piano, it is necessary to understand that following the completion of the removal, it will be necessary to have the piano tuned. This is due to the fact that during the moving process, the piano will doubtless be subjected to some varying degree of movement which will result in it being “out of tune” at the completion.

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Your chosen removalist should be able to appreciate the physical and logistical challenges they are facing before commencing the job. These challenges may include the weight of the piano, size of the piano, style of piano, stairs, uneven ground and any one of another one hundred challenges. Grand and baby grand piano’s will require the removal of at least one leg to enable them to be placed on a trolley.

Upright piano’s are able to be moved (on a trolley) simply by having them placed on top of the trolley. This then causes the possibility of the piano toppling over as the center of gravity becomes quite high in relation to its normal position. Once the piano is in the truck, the first thing to do is remove it off the trolley. Where it is a grand or baby grand, a thick “bed” of pads is placed on the floor with the piano placed on top of this, then once the top & sides are heavily padded the entire piano is tied to the wall of the truck to avoid it moving in any way.

Where we are dealing with an upright piano, once again, off the trolley and onto its feet. After being heavily padded, the piano is then tied to the wall of the truck to avoid any movement. Remember, it is not always the big burly guy who is best for the heavy job, it is generally the guy who can think it through before he starts.

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