Moving office doesn’t have to be a disruptive time for your company and your employees. With a few simple planning tips, you can move quickly, easily, and have business running as per usual in no time. Here are out best office moving tips.

  1. Start early

Ensure your employees are aware of the move date and make sure they remove or pack their personal items in advance. Staff won’t be present on move day, so ensure they know that anything not packed will likely be thrown out. Send out an empowering staff email to get everyone on board with moving and supply them with packing tips and information of the process.


  1. Packing

When it comes to packing an office, labelling and bagging items clearly is the key. Bag cords and label boxes for each work station with the allocated number, located in the same spot on each box, to make things easier.


  1. Floor plans

Have a floor plan ready for your office removalists. Label the floor plan with names, numbers, or coloured stickers representing each employee’s location in the new office. Sequential numbering usually works best, especially for large offices. Mark up the corresponding boxes with these, and likewise at the new office mark up the seating arrangements and desks so furniture and boxes can easily be placed in the right locations.


  1. The essentials

Once on the ground, ensure you have an IT specialist on hand to help set up each work station and get the phones and computers firing again. You may have to wait until the next day to hook up the phones, however they will be able to make sure all cables are ready to go. Arranging to have a company representative at the old building and new one on move day is also a good idea to ensure a smooth transition.


  1. The removalists

Inform your removalists of parking positions and access to the building. Give them the floor plans ahead of time too so they can plan on their end. It can also help to put signs up within the new office pointing to different areas so the removalist company knows where to go.


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