Mandurah Removals

Moving to and from Mandurah is easy with our professional and experienced removalist team on board to help. South West Removals can plan, pack, move, and unload your items at your destination. We also provide the packing gear you need to get it all done. With over 20 years’ experience moving Mandurah families and businesses, we’re the ones you’ll be glad you hired.


We move Mandurah residents and other locals in the Peel Region, as well as those looking to move to the Mandurah area. This includes Shires of Murray, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Waroona, and Boddington. And also suburbs of Dawesville, Halls Head, Meadow Springs, Dudley Park, Wannanup, Kwinana, Rockingham, and others nearby Mandurah.


Interstate Removals in Mandurah

If you’re moving to or from Mandurah, South West Removals can provide a full door to door relocation of your possessions. We also provide short or long term storage options in Mandurah and interstate.


Office Removals in Mandurah

Office removals don’t have to be hard with our team of experienced and trained Mandurah removalists behind you. We can pack, stack, move, and unpack you in no time. We know you can’t afford to be waiting around when you have a business to run.


Our Mandurah removalist team can also perform warehouse deliveries, furniture freighting, distribution, and customer deliveries to your clients.


House Removals in Mandurah

If you’re moving house in Mandurah, South West Removals can help you relocate, pre-pack, move, and unload, even supplying you with the packing necessities to get the removal complete. We’ve been moving Mandurah families for over 20 years, so you can trust us to get the job done carefully and quickly.


Piano Removals in Mandurah

Due to the weight and nature of pianos, they require a professional piano removalist in Mandurah to get them from A to B. From shifting your piano to the next room, customer deliveries for piano retailers, to a full piano removal, we’ll make sure your piano is safe and sound.


Pool Table Removals in Mandurah

Pool or billiard tables are a specialised item that many Mandurah residents rely on us to move for them. Our experienced pool table removalists will take care to move your pool table to its new home, arriving safely.


For over 20 years South West Removals have been helping Mandurah locals and businesses relocate. Our team are experts at ensuring your possessions are moved safely and securely.

Contact us to speak to the specialist Mandurah removalists today on (08) 9725 4766 or get a quote here.