things people forget when they move

Moving to a new house can be a stressful process, however, if properly planned, it doesn’t have to be such a big hassle. You can partner with the best house removalists in the city to get the job done professionally and avoid damage and loss of your valuable items. However, even with the best plans, there are some things that most people just seem to forget.

Some of these things that people normally forget are highlighted below with tips on how you can avoid such scenarios.

1. A Moving Checklist

A moving checklist can make things easier for you and can save time, however most people forget to write one! Your checklist should contain a what-to-do and when-to-do it list, to guide your entire moving process. With so many things to do, it is easy to forget the most crucial tasks, such as this moving checklist, which can lead to problems both during and after the move.

writing a checklist

2. Special care for Antiques and Collectibles

Most people forget to arrange special packing and transportation for their antiques and collectibles and this can hurt them financially. Make sure your removalist is aware that you have delicate items which require specialized care and take the time to pack your delicate items correctly. Such precautions will prevent damage to your valuables.

3. Taking Care Of Records/Documents

When moving, particularly when leaving an old city, there is a lot of documentation/records that people often leave behind. For instance, magazine subscriptions, banking records, your child’s school records and medical records all need to be transferred to your new city. Organizing these documents for a move is essential, especially as many of them contain sensitive information.

4. Notifying Service Providers

You have so much on your hands during a move that it is understandable that you might forget to notify your service providers about your move. However, failing to notify your service providers gives a bad impression and can result in unnecessary charges, it is thus important to give all these service providers a month’s notice or even more time where possible. Service providers include your housekeeper, nanny, pet sitter, tutors, cab service, postal services, attorney offices and doctors, among others.

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5. Labeling All Packages

You need to label all your packages for a safer and less stressful moving process. Not only will your removalists find it easier to handle your items appropriately, but it can save time, confusion and headaches that often arise when unpacking your boxes.

6. Packing An Essentials/ Survival Kit

It might take time before your packages arrive at your new home and for this reason; you need a moving day survival kit. However, like all the other things listed, this is one that often gets forgotten. An essentials kit should contain things you need such as water bottles, snacks, medicine, and a favorite toy for your child, among other essentials.

first day moving essentials kit

7. Hiring a Removalist

In the midst of a great deal of stress and planning, some homeowners can forget to hire a removalist for the move. Hiring a removalist will make the move a lot easier. They are not only the faster and safer option but a great removalist will make the move an easy, stress-free process.

Planning house removals is an arduous task and it is easy to forget some crucial things. With this list however, it is now possible to enjoy peace of mind during the moving process knowing everything is in place.

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