Interstate Removalists- Moving Interstate to South Australia

When planning your interstate removal to Adelaide, there is a very large range of points to consider. We will run through them here, however, it is important to understand that every removal, and definitely every interstate removal is different. This is why it’s highly important when choosing interstate removalists.

moving-to-adelaideChoosing Interstate Removalists

    1. Due to the increased distance of moving interstate, choosing your interstate removalist should be done carefully. A cheap price does not always convert to a professional job.
    2. Are they experienced with interstate removals? Logistically there is a vast difference between intrastate and interstate removal. You need to feel at ease that your chosen removalist knows and appreciates the distances involved. There is also the need to keep you, the client, informed and up to date with where your goods are.
    3. Can they fit your timeline? Ensure that you reach an agreement prior to booking, that your chosen removalist can deliver your goods within a specified time frame. Once this timeline is set, ensure you liaise continually with your removalist to ensure all is on track to achieve your chosen delivery date.
    4. Is your chosen removalist insured, and have you insured your goods? These are generally two separate matters. A Certificate of Currency should be available to prove that valid insurance is in place.  Make sure you carefully read and understand the terms & conditions of your insurance.

Containers or Pantech?

This is an area which requires a little further investigation as to the pro’s & cons of each. Containers offer the security of being ideal to be used for short term storage if necessary. Due to the cost of interstate travel, containers will generally be cheaper than a truck. When using a container you will need to understand that there will be a number of persons/businesses dealing with your goods during the removal process. First will be your chosen removalist who will load your goods, then the rail company, followed by the removalist delivering. The end result for you will be that the people offloading your goods will be completely different to the people

A Pantech truck offers the “personal” touch whereby the guy who loads your goods will probably be the same guy who offloads at the other end. This, therefore, gives him a responsibility end to end of your removal. You will pay additional for this service.



As your furniture and goods will be traveling extended distances, good packing becomes even more important. You may choose to pack yourself (which will obviously be cheaper) but you will need to ensure that you use removal cartons only and that all breakable items are wrapped in paper to protect them. Otherwise, the professional team at South West Removals can assist in packing.


Do I need to take this furniture?

Interstate removal can be expensive, therefore it can present the ideal time to take a serious look at what you are planning to take. Culling old or unwanted furniture can not only save you money on your removal but can also generate additional cash to spend during your relocation.

Pet transport

The professional team at South West Removals & Storage can assist you with relocating your precious pets from one side of the country to the other. Simply call for a quote.

Vehicle transport

Driving across Australia can be a long, dull and boring task. Apart from kangaroos and camels trying to get into your car via the radiator, there are also the problems with fatigue and accommodation along the way. South West Removals & Storage can arrange your vehicle transport with professional car carriers who can either do a door to door service or collect your car from a pre-arranged address and deliver to wherever you desire.


Quarantine laws

Australia has some of the strictest quarantine laws in the world, and these apply when moving interstate. We recommend leaving behind things like plants, animal products and agricultural equipment which may contain contaminants and soil. For more information on the rules and regulations of each state, check out the Australian Government’s interstate quarantine website. 

Planning on moving soon? As interstate removalists, we can help you plan your next move. Contact us or call (08) 9725 4766 to speak to a house removalist today.