Getting you packed and on the road

Whatever you require, we can supply!

Getting you packed and on the road

The importance of packing

Packing your belongings safely and properly is one of the most important parts of moving.

We want to ensure your good arrive safe at the other end and while we take the utmost care during our job of transporting your goods, we need to ensure everything has been packed specifically to endure sometimes a long and arduous drive!

Our packing materials

We’re experts in packing, so be sure to ask us if there’s packaging you need. Chances are, we’ve got it!

  • Standard Tea Chest Carton 620 x 445 x 420
  • Book Carton 415 x 310 x 445
  • Port-a-robe Carton
  • Bubble Wrap
  • White Packing Paper
  • Packaging Tape
  • Mattress Covers
  • Lounge Covers

These can be supplied for you to pack or we can professionally pack all your effects for you!

One size does not fit all… unfortunately

While we’d love to tell you that every packing box and carton can be safely used, our 20 years of experience suggests otherwise.

Don’t risk damage to your valued belongings. Here are some handy hints to make sure your packing runs smoothly:

  • Always use removalist boxes. These cartons are solid and protect your items, they also stack in the truck easily thereby saving you money as all space is utilized to it’s highest potential. By using cartons from behind the deli or fruit boxes from Woollies, you may jeopardise your insurance. Non-removal boxes tend to cave in and cause damage.
  • When using plastic storage containers be aware that the lids may break during the move.
  • Select the right carton for the job i.e. books, wine and tinned food have specific boxes.
  • Fold flaps over and tape twice, making sure you go over both sides of the box. Do not interlock flaps.
  • Wrap all china and glassware separately and place on their end in the carton.
  • Fill all gaps in the carton with either butchers paper or another type of cushioning to decrease movement within the carton.
  • Fold the top of the box the same as the bottom and tape twice.
  • Remember to keep boxes under fifteen (15) kilograms in weight.
  • Linen and Tupperware are useful fillers when attempting to reduce weight in a carton.
  • Disconnect all TV and stereo equipment and where possible, pack into the original cartons