Tips & Hints

Getting from A to B without the hassle!

Helpful hints to make your move a breeze!

Tips for your household move

Boxes and Cartons

  • Always use removalist boxes. These cartons are solid and protect your items, they also stack in the truck easily thereby saving you money as all space is utilized to it’s highest potential. By using cartons from behind the deli or fruit boxes from Woollies, you may jeopardise your insurance. Non-removal boxes tend to cave in and cause damage.
  • When using plastic storage containers be aware that the lids may break during the move.
  • Select the right carton for the job i.e. books, wine and tinned food have specific boxes.


  • Always collect valuables i.e. jewellery, passports and any other important documents together and take with you personally.

Being ready for your truck’s arrival

  • Have your goods ready to load when the truck/s arrive. Stack all your boxes in a single area, being careful not to block entrances or access to furniture.
  • Dismantle swing sets, trampolines and other odd shaped garden or toy items.
  • Dismantle beds, double bunks and any other furniture so as they’re easy to handle.
  • Minimise the amount of pot plants you need to take.
  • Sorry – we cannot take gas bottles, fuel or paint on the truck.

Fridges and washing machines

  • Empty fridges and defrost prior to removal.
  • Empty washing machines completely as water spills in the truck causing slip hazards and damage to other items. Disconnect to save you time.

The little things that make a big difference

  • Any garage or shed items should be folded or coiled and clean.
  • Dismantle all IKEA or CRITERION style furniture as these are very prone to breakage.
  • Empty all filing cabinets to avoid your files sliding and causing inconvenience to you.
  • Please advise us if access at either end of the move is difficult i.e. stairs, multi-storey, steep drive ways.

Making packing easier

  • Fold flaps over and tape twice, making sure you go over both sides of the box. Do not interlock flaps.
  • Wrap all china and glassware separately and place on their end in the carton.
  • Fill all gaps in the carton with either butchers paper or another type of cushioning to decrease movement within the carton.
  • Fold the top of the box the same as the bottom and tape twice.
  • Remember to keep boxes under fifteen (15) kilograms in weight.
  • Linen and Tupperware are useful fillers when attempting to reduce weight in a carton.
  • Disconnect all TV and stereo equipment and where possible, pack into the original cartons.

infographic tips for moving