Piano – the grand musical instrument, not only helps you in music but it also adds elegance to your home. Owning one is like having this prized possession that can be passed down to your family and future generations. They cost a fortune and last for a lifetime. Indeed you care for your piano a lot more than you ever show. Moving places itself is a stressful process, now doing the same with a piano is even more stressful as you do not want your asset to get damaged. At South West Removals & Storage we specialise in piano removals. So here is our ultimate guide to piano removals.

Piano Removal Services: Why Should You Hire Specialists?

Special items like a piano which are grand in size yet delicate in nature require special attention, care and packing while shifting to a new place. When you are moving to a new place, automatically you want to take your prized valuables along with you but the tension of damaging them while in transit is real. How many times have you tried not to move only for a big piece of sensitive instrument like a piano? We understand your feelings and worries. After all, you want all your belongings in a brand new condition in your new address. We cannot not possess knowledge and expertise in everything right! It is only normal that you will not be able to unfold and pack the piano parts appropriately for removal. Hence it is best to leave it to those who know all about packing for piano removal. Not only will they unfold, pack and load your piano into the removalist truck but also the piano removal specialists will load, unload, unpack and reinstall the piano in your new place. Plus they have special packing services available to protect from scratching, scuffing and damage when in transit.

Piano Removal Guide

Moving a piano is no easy task, let alone you move along with all of your other items, furniture and family. You will need manpower as well as expertise for this. At South West Removals & Storage we provide you with all of the services required to safely move your piano. Here is our piano removal guide that may come in handy.

  1. Keep your doors, stairways, shallow passageways measured as piano is a big instrument, it will take up quite a lot of space despite disassembling parts. If you keep the measurements beforehand the work gets easier.
  2. To disassemble the removable parts of the piano you will require some tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches etc. If you can keep them handy it will be a quick task to fold and pack up the piano.
  3. Inform the specialists about any steep staircases, small entryways, shallow passages, low roofs etc.
  4. We suggest that you do not do any packing on your own as piano is a sensitive instrument. We will provide proper packing to prevent scratching, scuffing, breaking or any other damages.
  5. We also recommend that you inform us about the piano size in case it is a massive one we will require enough manpower to lift it up.
  6. Once we arrive at your destination we will lift, place and unpack again. So you do not have to worry about assembling it again.
  7. Check if the piano removal service provider is fully insured, just in case any mishap occurs you will stay covered.

In short your workload reduces to almost zero when you book piano removal specialists to move your piano, plus you get the security of not damaging your item.


With a guide like this in hand your piano removal journey will get a lot easier. As a removalist company we suggest that you do not work on your own, especially for the prized possessions like piano. Instead you hand it over to the experts like us to move safely to its new address. After all a piano lasts a lifetime when well maintained.