5 Ideas for Eco Friendly Packaging

Are you planning to move soon? What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of moving? Cardboard boxes usually take the top slot. They’re synonymous with house removals. After all, they’re versatile, cheap, readily available and quite useful.

Whenever people think of moving house, they instinctively reach for cardboard boxes to store their belongings for the move. However, despite the many indisputable advantages of cardboard boxes and other traditional packaging, there are various downsides to using these materials for your move. Amongst these disadvantages, the primary disadvantage of these cardboard boxes is the waste generated as a result of their use.

Alternatives to Traditional Packaging

If you’re concerned about the impact of your house move on the environment, you can reduce your need for cardboard boxes by making use of eco-friendly alternatives. The following are some popular eco friendly alternatives:

1. Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins can be a lifesaver when it comes to moving. These bins are made from tough and waterproof material to ensure the protection of their contents. They can be re-used over and over again for storage or organization when you get into your new home. They are durable and stack well to save space during and after the move. They are easy to handle and are just as versatile as cardboard boxes, making them a great eco friendly alternative.


2. Old Newspapers, Magazines and Towels

Do you need to pack various items that break easily? The go-to packaging material for the protection of breakable items is bubble wrap. However, this can’t be re-used once you are done unpacking. You will most likely have to dump meters of bubble wrap in the trash when you’re done with the move. This is both wasteful and destructive to the environment.

Old newspapers, magazines and towels can do the same job and result in a lower impact on the environment. Wrap those dishes in newspapers or kitchen towels to keep them safe on the move. You can also stuff newspapers, towels and even clothes around large items that are breakable to keep them safe.

3. Rubbish bags

Rubbish bags come in different thicknesses and sizes. High density bags are made for durability. These can work perfectly for packaging. One of the biggest advantages of these bags is that they can be reused after the move without a problem. Use them to cover furniture, carry clothes, bedding and just about anything that you can stuff in them.


4. Suitcases

Keep your clothes, books or other small items intact while moving by stuffing them into a suitcase. Suitcases are also a great way to transport heavy items easily, especially if the suitcase has wheels.


5. Bags

Get all those bags out and stuff them with anything that can fit inside them. Bags are a great way to package small items that are more likely to get lost in the move.


House removals do not have to result in a mountain of waste. With the eco-friendly alternatives outlined above, you can greatly reduce the amount of waste generated as a result of your move.

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