Moving to a new state? You’re probably experiencing a wave of emotions ranging from excitement to downright terror. The thought of a new environment, meeting new people and new experiences is appealing to the adventurous spirit in all of us. However, the challenge of finding the right interstate removalists, settling into a new home and getting your children enrolled in a new school can seem daunting.

Everything goes a lot smoother when you have a plan. The following is a checklist that can help ease the stress of moving and can make the transition a lot easier.

Interstate Moving Checklist

1. Let people know

If you’ve made the decision to move to another state, you should let your family and friends know about it. Interstate moving can be quite involving. You may need their support and help in the coming weeks.

If you have children, ensure that you talk to them about the move. Be honest and enthusiastic about the move. This will be a huge change for them. Helping them understand what it entails and what they can look forward to will help make the transition easier.


2. Purge

Moving to a new house is a great opportunity to get rid of the clutter. It’s time to get rid of things that you don’t use and start a fresh. Moving with less items will save you time, effort and money. There are too many advantages to decluttering for you to ignore this step in the relocating process.

3. Find experienced interstate removalists

Working with the right removalists is vital for a stress free move. Choose a removalist that specializes in moving large furniture and delicate items. They should be licensed to operate within the states that you will have to cross as well as the state that you are moving to.

Check their online reviews to ensure that they will provide you with great service.


4. Pack and label boxes clearly

Pack items from the same room together. This will make settling into the new home much easier. Ensure that heavier items are packed at the bottom and more delicate items at the top. Wrap delicate items carefully.

Be careful about how you pack personal documents, mobile phones, medications and other personal items. They should be readily at hand in case you need to use them. They should also be packed safely to protect them from damage and prying eyes.


5. Tie up loose ends

Don’t leave this to the last minute. Begin addressing issues such as changing your address with health insurance, the electoral roll and the tax office as soon as possible. Redirect subscriptions and relevant bills. Terminate contracts with service providers such as internet services, water and electricity. Some require several months’ or weeks’ notice prior to the termination. Read your terms and conditions to ensure the right steps are taken and avoid fines.

6. Have the new house cleaned

This ensures that you can begin settling in right away. It will save you time and a lot of energy.

While these tips won’t guarantee a trouble free move, they will help to make the move much easier.


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