In an ideal world, you’d have sufficient time to arrange for an impending move. The moving process is full of individual tasks and minor details that typically take three to four weeks minimum to plan. But in reality, things come thick and fast and so do last minute house removals.

There are two main types of rushed moves. Moves that come unexpectedly and moves that you have procrastinated on for quite a while, only to find yourself glaring at an unpacked home only a few days before the movers arrive. Whatever the situation, knowing how to move fast is essential. So we have compiled five tips for you to ease the agony of moving in a hurry.

1.   Put aside an essentials bag

Before you do anything, put together a backpack and fill it up with the essential items that you can’t bear to lose in the resulting move mayhem. This includes vital documents, medication, a few clothes, everyday toiletries, and chargers.

While you’d still put together an essentials bag during a non-rushed move, putting together an essentials bag is more easily forgotten amongst the stress of a rushed move.

Once your backpack is ready, you can start packing the rest of your items.


2.   Ask for help

Ask for help from family or friends. An extra hand or two can not only speed up the moving process but can help you stay on track. Also, the emotional support that a family member or friend provides can help keep your stress levels down.

Time-consuming chores such as dropping off items for donations or pulling out your kitchen cabinets become much simpler when you’ve got another person lending you a hand. Don’t shy away from seeking help but make sure to show your gratitude by thanking them or by making a kind gesture such as inviting them over for dinner once you’re settled in your new home.


3.   Less thinking, more packing    

Often when packing hurriedly you end up spending a little less time on organizing and predominantly focus on just getting everything into a box and ready to go. The goal is to ensure your belongings reach your new home intact and if a reduced time frame means you can’t organize your items as much as you’d want, so be it.

4.   Dispose of items you don’t need

The fewer items you have to stow the easier the packing, particularly for a last-minute move.  Go through all your rooms and look through your cabinets to pull out all the items you no longer need. Split these items into three categories: recycle, throw away and donate.

Make sure you think practicality instead of sentimentally. A move presents a chance to cut down on your belongings; a rushed move provides even more incentive to travel light.


5.   Engage with a professional removalist

Professional movers make your life a little bit easier, especially during a rushed move. Removalists offer a faster and safer option for people intending to move houses. They are well-trained on fast packing and many (such as SW Removals) have insurance cover to compensate you for any breakages.

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Moving doesn’t have to be nerve-racking, given you prepare adequately, reach out for help, take safety measures against breakables, pack light and engage professional movers.

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