Moving to a new house is a big thing to do any time of year, but in the blistering heat of the summer, it has the potential to be even harder. House Removal is no easy task. It can be incredibly stressful let alone time-consuming to organise. In addition, there is the complication of heat to contend with. We have broken down five top tips for moving in the summer heat. You can spend your time getting excited by your move rather than getting stressed.

Plan ahead

Get as much of your house removal organised up front with the assistance of a removalist company. This means that on moving day, you’ll be prepared and organised. You won’t be hanging around in the heat or left doing a lot of lifting and shifting yourself. Being organised will mean that on moving day you can simply let your removalist team do their thing. They’re experts at what they do and will be prepared for the warm weather. Make sure the kids and any pets are prepared for the day. This could be that they are with a sitter or the children are given tasks to do as you move.

Get started early

Removalist are early birds at any time of year but this is particularly relevant. In the summer when temperatures are soaring, it makes work easier and faster if much of it can be done early. It helps to get heavy, and hard work is done when the heat isn’t blistering and the temperature is a few degrees lower.


Sun protection

As a nation we’re pretty clued up about sun protection. Make sure you’re ready with the essential suncream. Wear light clothing and have a good supply of water for yourself and your family on the day. You could even prepare a cool box of goodies with food and drinks to keep you going throughout the day. Your removalist might also appreciate a cool drink. Although your removalist company will be doing the legwork of your house removal, you will need to protect yourself during your moving day.



This is something that often doesn’t get considered but can make a huge difference. You may not have aircon on yet or indeed it may not be very effective with people coming in and out of the house constantly.  Having a plug in fan in a garage or room where you will be spending time and possible excursion

Pack for the heat

Think about items that are perishable or easily damaged by the heat. For instance, candles can get soft and mark other items and your collection of vynls are at risk of damage from heat. It goes without saying that food needs to be kept cool


Moving on a warm day doesn’t need to be hot work. A small amount of planning will ensure your move day goes smoothly. If in doubt give us a call and we’ll help you get ready for your moving day.

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