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The need for new furniture for your home is ongoing if you don’t want to suddenly wake up one day to find yourself with “dated” furniture. This may be a lounge, table & chairs, beds or any of a number of specialty furniture items which adorn your home. Without the extensive range of choices available to their city counterparts, country shoppers are often left with no option but to shop in the city.

We all desire to shop local and ensure that our local retailers remain strong but it is not always the case that your local retailer has that “particular” piece you are looking for.

furniture shopping

What do you do?

This will depend to a large degree on where you live, which will then, in turn, dictate how often you go to the city. The range of shopping in Perth metro far outweighs anything available in even the largest country town. From high-end retailers to budget stores for those who know that while the kids are small, the furniture will get wrecked, Perth has it all.

There is always the option of shopping online. This is a great idea, but like any online purchase, it is critical that you check size and colour thoroughly before you hand over your hard earned. It is not an uncommon comment that “the colour was not like that in the picture”. This then becomes your problem once the furniture is delivered. Once you have made that all important purchase, you are then faced with how to get it home whether that be 100 or 1000 kilometers. Sure it is easy to hitch up the trailer and do it yourself. This will probably save you some money if you have the time and a good back.

moving boxesEmploying the services of a reputable removal company will ensure that not only will your furniture be looked after and delivered safely, but in the unlikely event of damage, your new furniture is insured. Insurance (link please) on your furniture is a little like insurance on your house, you only need it when the brown stuff hits the fan and if you haven’t got it then too bad.

Through their extensive removal network, South West Removals & Storage covers most points within WA on either a weekly or fortnightly basis. Be it Bunbury, Albany, Esperance, Kalgoorlie, Newman, Port Hedland or any point in between, South West Removals & Storage have the capability to deliver from the store to inside your home. No heavy lifting, no trying to make sure it fits through the door, and everything delivered safe & sound. How simple can that be?