Relocating for a new job is very exciting. It marks the end of one chapter of your life and the start of a new life. The team at South West Removals & Storage we have gathered a list of dos and don’ts of relocating for a new job. This may come in handy because a move affects not only you, but the rest of your family, particularly if it is an interstate removal. So it is important that you take the right measures to ensure the process takes place smoothly.

For you to adapt to your new environment, there are several dos and don’ts that should not be ignored. Irrespective of your relocation reasons, these points will determine how fast you adapt to your new surroundings.

The Dos

  • Find a place to live first before you settle in. Moving into a new place is not as easy as you think. If you have a relative in the area that you are relocating too, ask if they will accommodate you. This will give you ample time to study the area and get a secure place to live in. If you do not have a relative there, ensure that you take the time to research the area and find a place that you can stay when you move over.
  • Secondly, negotiate with your employer on a relocation package. It is important for your employer to understand all the associated costs of relocating like commuting costs, moving costs, utility costs and the costs required for you to hire house removalists. This can minimize a lot of expenses and hustles on your side.



  • Visit the town prior to your move. Walking around the neighborhood will help you to gauge what you can expect. If you are planning to move with your family, you will be in a position to identify places that have schools, hospitals and other necessary amenities. Again, it is good to meet a few neighbors and try to make some friends. You never know if you might need them some day.
  • Consider getting a helping hand. At times you may need a professional to take care of your furniture and help in transportation. Get house removalists to help you on this. With over 30 years experience in the removal and storage industry, the SW Removals team of removalists assist in making your move a stress-free experience.


The don’ts

  • Don’t set unrealistic expectations or over plan. Setting expectations and planning is great but once you set unrealistic expectations and expect everything to go as planned it’s not. Be open to any ideas and expect a ton of challenges.
  • Don’t panic. At times we get new jobs and immediately celebrate, forgetting to put into consideration the emotions that are associated with a new job. Your old job may be boring and you may be moving onto better things but you may be emotionally attached to that old job. Try not to panic as you take on your new challenge.


  • Don’t take rush decisions. Sit and re-think everything that needs to be put into consideration. Consider the salary that you are offered in your new job and try to budget in the right way. Don’t start over spending beyond your means.
  • Don’t forget where you are coming from. Let your relatives and friends know where you are relocating too and stay in touch.

Lastly, don’t be hard on yourself. Enjoy and let the new job unlock other great opportunities.

South West Removals & Storage

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