There’s always a profound moment of joy when you finally unpack your last box after a house or office move. Then as you’re sitting there feeling pretty pleased with yourself and what you’ve achieved, it suddenly dawns on you that you have loads of these boxes that you no longer have a use for. What do you do with them?

Here at South West Removals & Storage, it’s fair to say that we’ve handled a fair few packing boxes in our time so with this in mind, here are a few great tips that you might want to follow for lightening your cardboard box load.

Selling them

Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that you aren’t going to get any money for a used cardboard box but you may have some ‘bone fide’ packing boxes that you purchased off your removal company that you didn’t manage to use. Did you know that most removalist companies will buy them back off you? Okay, so maybe at a reduced rate, but at least they’re taking them off your hands.


Give them away

There’s an interesting statistic produced by Right Move stating that over the past 5 years, around 43% of the population have moved house at least once and some, more than this. Considering that there are around 23 million people living in Australia, then clearly that’s a lot of house moves. If you’ve spent months trying to build your collection of packing boxes then you can bet that others are looking to do the same. The bottom line is that empty boxes are always in demand. So send off a tweet, put an advert in the local paper, or even put a sign up on your front gate. Whatever you decide, if they’re in a decent condition, they’ll go like hot cakes!



We couldn’t leave without mentioning recycling. As our nation is becoming more eco-aware it really makes sense to do your bit. Take a trip to your nearest recycling plant, or how about utilising some boxes for shed or garage storage yourself. Alternatively let your imagination run wild and turn some of them into a child’s toy, ripe for some serious playtime.


At South West Removals & Storage let us take the strain of moving for you so that you’re not left sourcing endless boxes before the big day. Contact us on 9725 4766 for a seriously competitive quote.