Renovating the house is an exciting and stressful experience with many moving parts that need to be considered in order to get the project done on a timely manner and within budget. So where do you start with a house renovation?

Check the laws

Although many types of home renovations and minor building projects don’t need approval from a council or accredited certifier, you may need permission for some. This depends on your local council’s rules and regulations. If your renovation is not exempt from approval, you’ll need to submit a development application to your council who will publicly exhibit the application, and then make a decision on it. Application forms can be found on council websites.

Sort your finances

You’re not going to get very far without the right budget in place. Be realistic about what you can spend and achieve on your budget and stick to it. Many renovation projects blow their budget due to conditions that cannot be estimated and accounted for. To avoid this happening to you, set aside at least ten per cent of your budget to cover excess costs should something go wrong.


Start planning

It’s time to start planning what you need to get done and by when. Is the bathroom in need of an update? Are you adding another room to the house? Whatever the case may be, start planning what needs to get sorted. Once you have a clear objective, hire the construction company and builders best suited to the job.

Pack up the important stuff

Once construction begins on your kitchen or bathroom, you will find that the most important things you use on a daily basis are not so easy to find. Pack these up ahead of time so you can keep them in a secure spot where you’ll be able to find them.


Keep the kids out of the way

If you can’t send the kids to school or a day care centre, make sure you keep them out of the way of builders. Not only can your children be exposed to risks and hazards on a worksite, they can also slow work down for the builders.

Think about the pets

Consider whether your pets are going to be safe in the yard or the house during the construction. Remember that pets can be frightened of loud noises and the sounds that are generated on a worksite. You might need to consider hiring a pet-sitter while the work is going on.


Clear the house

Once you know which rooms you’re going to start with and what’s getting renovated first, it’s time to clear the space. Instead of shuffling your household contents from one room to another, invest in a secure and convenient self storage facility. Not only will your goods be locked away safely, they’ll also be protected from any damages that may occur during the renovation.


Preparing for a renovation might be a lot of work but it’s also very rewarding. When the time comes to clear the decks for space to renovate, contact us at South West Removals & Storage. We can assist with the renovation, making it an easy, stress-free process.