One of the easiest ways to transform your house into a home is by decorating it with photos of your family. But it’s not enough to just simply throw some photos up on the wall and call it a day. There’s an art to showcasing your family photos.

Here are some tips to help you display your family photos around the house, without creating a cluttered wall or shelf.

1. Keep things crisp

Take a collection of photos you really love and have them all mounted or framed on the same backings and finishes for a clean look. Keeping the backings and finishes the same will create a sense of continuity throughout the house. It’s also better to choose a select few photos to showcase around the house. Keep the presentation of your photos simple to keep the focus on the room by placing black and white photos in white frames.


2. Consider backgrounds

While it may be your first instinct to place pictures front and centre on a shelf or wall, utilizing them as a backdrop can result in amazing and stylish decor. Dare to different and hang a print of your children behind a shelf holding their favourite books and toys.

3. Shape up and get artsy

Experiment with the shape and size of frames, especially if you’re creating a montage. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright designs and pop art styles to add a splash of colour and style to an otherwise neutral room.


4. Change up the texture

Transfer your photos onto different textures such as wood or glass for a more rustic effect and finish, perfect for a more natural look. Why not print some of your favourite family holiday snaps to polaroids and create a fun mood board of your family’s memories together?

5. Focus on eye level

You don’t have to hang all of your family portraits high up on the wall. Consider sitting them at focal points around the house, like on a shelf or beside the record player. Choose photographs that aren’t too bright and colourful, noisy or overwhelming so they don’t give you the sense of clutter, but rather, a place for guests to look.


6. Choose the right frame

If you’re going to display your photographs on a table or bench top, make sure you display them in the best frame to suit the style of the room. Remember that in some cases, less is more and keeping the frame simple will help showcase the photo whereas some photos will pop and look nicer in a bright and elaborate frame.

7. Start hanging from the corner

Rather than splaying photos across your wall, mix things up by working from a corner, out. To really make your corner gallery stand out, stick to a colour scheme for the included photos.

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