You’ve heard of a sea change, but with the coastal regions becoming increasingly popular with holiday makers and developers, the appeal of a tree change is ever present. But is the bush the best location for you? Swapping the big smoke for clean country air is something many Australians dream about and with more affordable housing options than those in the city, it’s gaining appeal with first home buyers, families and retirees. But is the bush the best location for you? We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of making a tree change.


  • Change of pace
    The country or the bush offers a quieter and more peaceful way of life compared to the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities. Swap the sound of car horns and the stress of the peak hour rush for the sound of birds chirping and clear, wide open lanes.


  • Cleaner lifestyle
    Country living provides a cleaner and healthier lifestyle thanks to all of that fresh air. Living in the country also provides the space to own animals and grow your own produce, free from preservatives and additives. Cleaner living is also linked to lower stress levels.
  • Greater sense of community
    Living in a small country town will leave you feeling as though you’ve escaped the big city and all of its crime and security problems and joined a small, close knit community. Many Australians feel the city doesn’t offer the community support that it once used to.


  • Investment
    Although the value of properties in the country are slow to increase, it does happen. Unique and remote properties are also a popular retreat for travellers booking accommodation through services such as Airbnb. But purchasing a home in the bush isn’t just a monetary investment, it’s also an investment in a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.


  • Isolation
    One of the biggest factors against moving to the country is poor connectivity which can make communicating with friends and family difficult. Not only is technology patchy in the country, transportation services are also limited. The distance of country towns from cities and other population bases can be vast, making it difficult for friends and family to visit.
  • Fewer job opportunities
    Due to their smaller size and isolated location, there are fewer job opportunities in country towns compared to big cities. It can be difficult to secure a job that doesn’t require having to commute to the closest city or large population base.


  • Access to necessities
    Access to health care facilities, shopping centres, entertainment and dining options is limited in small country towns. Often, residents rely on the larger population bases and cities for necessities and travel as required.
  • Poor home growth
    With a lower population and less interest in relocating to the country, housing values are slow to increase, if at all. Therefore, it can be difficult to make a return on a house when selling.


Choosing to make a tree change is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be rushed into. Before you decide whether to make the move or not, consider what you want from your relocation. Once you’ve decided where you’re moving to, whether it’s within the city or to the countryside, contact us at South West Removals & Storage, for an easy, stress free move.