pool table removalists

A game of pool with a few mates around is a great way to spend a few hours, or maybe you simply wish to have the kids out of your hair while you entertain friends. Whatever the reason, if you are to play good pool, you will certainly need a good pool table.

A good pool table immediately requires that the top is slate, and this then means that the table will be heavy. Add to this the highly polished timber surround and the felt surface and you now have a pool table which is not only heavy but requires specialized handling to ensure no damage occurs to the top, sides or slate.

Pool tables, by virtue of their design, do not have very many points where you can get a good grip to lift and carry them. However, as pool table removalists we have experience in this area of removal and know the best approach.

pool table removalists
This then brings us into the area of specialized equipment and knowledge of how to lift, carry & handle such a heavy item. A proper, professional pool table trolley will take all of the effort out of the job and, provided it is used correctly, will ensure that the entire job goes smoothly from end to end.

When used correctly, these trolleys will mean that your table is handled professionally, without risk of damage from dropping or slipping. The slate top is quite simply slid off the pool table base and onto the trolley. At this point, the table top should sit at an angle allowing it to “rest” it’s weight against the backing plate on the trolley. Once this is done, the slate top is extremely manoeuvrable and able to be placed exactly where you want it to go.

pool table removals
The base and legs are then moved to position and levelled before the slate top is placed on them. A good method of levelling is to use a long spirit level, however, the author did have the pleasure of observing two resourceful guys using a dumpy level to get the pool table base level.

Whichever method you choose to use, ensure the base is level before putting the slate top back in place. Also, to avoid having to move the table around the room, have a few “practice air shots” with the longest cue to make sure the positioning is correct.

Finally, ensure there is a couple of coldies in the fridge before you break for your first game.

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